SEO Brighton tricks can have a great impact on a website

SEO plays a major role in driving website traffic, this is something which online marketers are aware of. Search and web are one and the same, one will not function without the other. On top of that, studies show that the SEO is a very large ROI strategy:

According to, seventy percent of all business owners who implemented an SEO strategy believed that their bottom line improved.

According to Biznology, eighty nine percent of all customers begin any purchasing process with a Digital marketing london.

That being said, multiple business owners nowadays are concerned that SEO may be dead, they are unsure if SEO should be integrated in their businesses online DNA. Although many techniques and strategies which were once used are no longer applicable, however there will always be some form of SEO that you can take advantage of.

The Evolution of SEO

It was only a few years back when it was widely believed that search engine optimization was

considered to be a specialized knowledge with which you manipulated search engines rankings with intelligence and covert tactics. Fortunately nowadays there is more maturity in the industry of Seo agency brighton and among SERPS. We are now living in a Semantic ERA, only last October was it announced by Google that they will be releasing Rank Brain.

So what is going on with SEO? Where has it been?  Where is it headed?  Let's take a closer look at the issue.

The Far Past Of SEO

In the very beginning, SEO was very similar to an IT job.  It mostly revolved around manipulating code and technical best practices. Individuals built mirrored sites, micro sites and multiple sites. From a money making standpoint, we viewed it similar to how technical management budgets are thought of. It was not a commodity, it was more of a luxury. A majority of the work was done by IT guys or foreigners. It wasn't ever really factored in as a line item in a budget or as part of marketing decisions.  

Rank Brain is an artificial intelligence Brighton digital agency which uses a semantic-deciphering Hummingbird update, this is done to have a better understanding of users as well as queries that can be quite complicated, in the end the result provided is more appropriate. There is a lot more sophistication with Google now, intent as opposed to keywords is the term used to analyze queries.

The Past, Present, And Future Of Search London digital agency

For years people have claimed that SEO is dead.  They claim that SEO is either irrelevant or is your Seo brighton most important aspect.  There are so many SEO consultants out there these days that if you throw a stick in just about any major city in the world you are likely to hit an SEO expert.    

Most queries are returned with search results that contain extra, relevant information like price ranges, reviews, maps, etc. On top of that, updates to favor sites that contain high quality content are launched by Google. As time goes by, the sites that offer the best user experiences began beating out other sites.

Content is beginning to be indexed in new ways and on new platforms. Google recently signed a deal with Twitter to not only index but also display tweets as relevant search content. There are also social media platforms such as Facebook who are hard at work introduce their very own search options for their consumers. This is something that will be discussed at a later date in a future blog post.

A Search Engine Platform is Not Merely a Search Engine Anymore

Yes they did begin as search engines and are still used for that purpose. That being said, they are now also used as consumer facing data oriented projects as well. This means that SEO is now very dynamic, it is a very multifaceted, online marketing must have for every online marketer expert.

How SEO is a Marketing Tool

One of the most important components in the Seo brighton and branding effort of any organization is in fact an effective SEO strategy. When methodical SEO strategies are employed, the rewards will be as follows:

Higher Ranking

More Organic Traffic

However, is that all that is needed for an effective SEO strategy to be implemented? The right optimization does not only mean more traffic or better rankings, it also means more visibility and a user experience that is better in every aspect, not only for search results, but also for the website. This means that there is increased credibility, trust and equity which leads to conversion rates that are higher.

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